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New Build Hotel Technology Consultancy

Being involved from the design and architecture phase enables HotelTCS to determine the requirements of technology design based on hotel brand and service level. This can avoid unnecessary design changes and costs caused by things as simple as a missed cable.

What about the technology design requirements determined by the chain you may associate with? What impact will corporate requirements have on the design? HotelTCS can help.

Budgets are always a point of contention. HotelTCS can assist with not only setting budgets but selecting a partner who can stick within it.

Hotel Building

Technology Design Refresh

Time for a technology refresh? Having WiFi troubles? TV system no longer generating revenue? HotelTCS can help with the design of a new system. Looking at the guest profile, we can advise on the technology requirements to ensure your guests have what they need, without any unnecessary costs.

Maybe there is confusion around brand standards? Are you a franchisee who needs to follow brand standards issued by corporate? HotelTCS can decipher and demystify these for you, and determine the path forward.

Old Hotel Television

Technical Architecture

HotelTCS can provide technical architecture for your guest facing solutions. From ground up IP network design, RF reception, IPTV distribution and WiFi placement, HotelTCS has this covered.

  • Reception of foreign TV channels?
  • Specialist WiFi requirements for events?
  • Considering GPON?
  • Not sure how IoT impacts you?
  • Thinking of VOIP?
  • Guests asking for Netflix on the TV?
  • WiFi6? 5G?
  • Sky Brightbox for Guestrooms?

All valid questions and needs. HotelTCS can help with all of these and more. With over 15 years experience in the industry, we’ve covered the queries that you might not even have thought of yet and we’re always happy to help.

Hotel Networking

Vendor Selection & Management

Bombarded by offers from vendors who all seem to offer the same thing? Confused where the added value comes from in one offer over the other? HotelTCS can offer a full vendor selection and management process. For your refresh or build we can offer:

  • Current solution analysis – What needs to be replaced, but what is still fit for purpose?
  • Tender creation and issue – HotelTCS will make sure everyone is offering “apples for apples”.
  • Tender response management – Management of vendor questions and submission timelines.
  • Tender review and tender shortlisting – HotelTCS can review all the responses and ensure they all meet the criteria.
  • Vendor interview and selection – HotelTCS can interview representatives from potential vendors to establish their potential to deliver. This can be on site, or remotely as required.
  • Client-side project management until install completion – Managing the vendor for you, ensuring all targets are met and disruption to the guest, and your own staff is minimal.
  • Install benchmarking, snagging and project sign off – You are safe in the knowledge that you receive what you have paid for. Working with the vendor to resolve any outstanding issues.
Hotel Technology Design Planning

Site Survey

HotelTCS can provide site survey engineers globally, reducing the need for constant vendor visits. By visiting site and documenting the existing infrastructure, vendors can be sure of what exists and what is required for them to install.

Technology Design Surveying on Site at Computers