Presales as a service is offered to teams

PreSales As A Service

A first in the hospitality space, a unique offering from HotelTCS is PreSales as a Service. Providing short term PreSales consultancy, technical architecture and industry expertise via a flexible model, that works for you. With a specialism in Hospitality technology, you can bring experience and knowledge to your team when you need it the most.

Presales as a service diagram showing services

How We Can Help

Are you a service provider with a solid product and an established sales team?

Do you lack technical expertise at first touch when meeting your customer?

Would you like your sales team to focus on leads, and your operations team to focus on installs?

HotelTCS can run the entire PreSales process for your sales team, bringing together all the elements below, with just a single touch from you, the customer.

What Is Presales As a Service?

PreSales as a Service from HotelTCS allows your operations teams to focus on what they do best, without distraction by PreSales activities. Sales Managers can focus on leads and opportunities, not finding a technical resource to design a solution, or scheduling surveys. The global reach of HotelTCS removes barriers put up by location, providing resource when, and where you need it.

With fixed cost models, HotelTCS can help you attribute an exact cost to each opportunity and project. By reducing the need to employ PreSales Consultants in multiple locations, you can see the exact cost of sale from lead to a signed deal. A metric much more valuable than just a conversion rate.

HotelTCS bring brand standard expertise to your team when you need it. Looking to create designs that are GPNS and UnoNet compliant? HotelTCS can help. Confused what you can reuse from StayConnected? Unsure how to implement FreeBird?

If you are a Technology Service Provider to the Hospitality Industry, with a focus on technology, contact us now to see how we can remove your headaches.