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A Quick History Lesson

Famously on Friday April 18th 1930 a BBC news presenter announced “Good evening, today is Good Friday. There is no news”. This was in response to the BBC’s news department deciding that nothing newsworthy had happened that day. Slightly different than in modern times I expect. Although they didn’t have the thrilling topic of hotel tech to cover.

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BBC building - Not a hotel, but there has been some excellent technology deployed here over the years.

I start this blog with a little play on that statement from almost 90 years ago to set the mood. “Today there is no blog” is not entirely correct though. Today there is no blog topic would be rather more appropriate. Certainly not a new topic focussed on Hotel Tech. More, a roundup of our thoughts so far on the Hotel Technology Consulting Services journey.

Yes, as many people wind down for Christmas, me included, I decided that a light-hearted post may be appropriate. Plus, let’s be honest, while Hotel Technology is absolutely my favourite topic, I also like to take the opportunity at this time of year to spend more time with family, friends, and all those close to me.

2019 in Hotel Tech?

Avocados - Millennial technology, Hotel technology, it's more than just avocados.

We covered some interesting topics this year, and we’ve had some great feedback from you all, please keep it coming.

Alternative Thoughts on Hotel Tech

So, what did we actually cover in 2019?

*Linked articles may not be as described. HotelTCS takes no responsibility for actual content differing from humorous descriptions.

What is a Millenial? And what does it want from me? – We came up with some interesting ideas, including Avocado, but there’s more than that. The Millennial eats (alright, consumes) digitally. That’s digitally in the modern sense as well.

How to deploy Intelligent Hotels – Here we dug into whether you should be using IoT to weigh guests and store them in the racks inside your data warehouse (I know, I know). We also established the best way to give your guests directions. Hint: However you do it, you still need to let them know!

Herbie #53 - the bleeding edge of Hotel technology at HTNG

HTNG European Conference – James Harrison attended the HTNG European conference and provided a recap on the gambling, VW Beetle’s, Formula 1, and of course, Princess Monaco of Kent (warning: NSFW).

Wired for Hotel Tech

The Fate of HSIA – in 2009 there were problems with High Speed Internet Access provision in hotels, we established these problems still exist. It’s nice to know that 10 years in hotel tech is a much shorter time than you would expect.

A Hotel is just a Building – Inspired by a Tedx talk by Bashar Wali we took a look whether you should fire all your staff and replace them with robots!

A DMC Delorean -Hotel technology has come a long way since 1985. IoT has given your intelligent hotel a voice.
“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”

Can Intelligent Hotels find their Voice? – A deep dive into hoverboards and power laces. Throw in some self drying clothes, a DMC Delorean and it’s definitely 2015….. or is it 1985? Voice-activated ordering is all the rage, especially with avatars on CRT monitors.

What is a Hotel Technology Vendor – Black market WiFi6 access points are popping up everywhere. Here we provide the secret list of people who can “sort you out on the hush-hush”. Just remember, you didn’t get their name from us.

Toast and marmalade - An example of an IoT solution. Using Hotel technology to achieve perfect toast!

What are these “Things” and why do I need them in my Guest Room – We pull out the Oxford English dictionary to look at inanimate objects. Following this, we discuss ideal ways to achieve the correct level of ‘toastiness’ at breakfast when catering en masse.

2020 and beyond for Hotel Tech

2020 - But what does the future hold for Hotel Tech

2020 will be an exciting year for hotel technology, but no spoilers here.

Coming soon HotelTCS will be providing insight into the big things for the year ahead.

As a little teaser, there might be more truth in some of the descriptions above than it appears! If that has whet your appetite, drop us a message here, and maybe we can chat about it. For even more, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!

And Finally

Merry Christmas from Hotel Technology Consulting Services

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our subscribers, and new readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s to a successful 2020 wherever you may be!

Hotel Technology Services

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About the Author

James Harrison of Hotel Technology Consulting Services. James is a Hotel technology expert with a passion for IoT, IPTV and WiFi.

James Harrison is a technology consultant who’s main focus is how hotels use technology in the Guest room. James has a passion for both technology and the written word, producing regular content on technology in the hospitality industry. Connect with him for more insights – LinkedIn.

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