HTNG European Conference

24th November 2019

Hotel Technology Comes to HTNG Monte Carlo

This November, Principal Consultant James Harrison attended the HTNG European Conference at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. He did travel by plane though, instead of in a White VW Beetle #53.

He provides his thoughts, and a recap of 3 days at the pinnacle of Hospitality Technology.

Even being located on the most famous hairpin bend in the world was no distraction from the excellent networking and content opportunities here!

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Monte Carlo Grand Prix Hairpin - Right next to HTNG Hotel technology Conference.

There was a quick (and successful) visit to the world-famous Casino de Monte-Carlo, but we certainly aren’t high rollers!

Monte Carlo Casino - HTNG's Hotel Technology conference

HTNG brings together some of the greatest minds in Hospitality technology, combining Hoteliers, Consultants and technology vendors.

With an exhibition hall, informative sessions, breakout workgroups and of course networking receptions it combines everything you need for 3 days on the bleeding edge.

So, what happened at HTNG?


Brexit Discussion at HTNG - How will this impact Hotel technology.

An excellent talk on Brexit was chaired by Bryan Steele of Jirah-Tek with contributions from Toby Herbert of Rocco Forte Hotels. It was established that while we know Brexit is coming, nothing yet has been decided so we cannot plan.

However, you better be GDPR compliant if you handle data!

5G & WiFi6

5G vs WiFi Discussion at HTNG - Hotel technology is wireless. WiFi and 5G are a critical part of Hotel technology and IoT solutions.

Chris Bruce of the Wireless Broadband Alliance gave an engaging talk on 5G, and how it can be everywhere. Use cases for 5G vs WiFi in hospitality were explored.

It was interesting to know that even in its infancy, there are over 1,000 pilot deployments of 5G around the globe.

Pitch Madness

Pitch Madness battle at HTNG - Hearing from those at the forefront of innovation in Hotel Technology.

Julie Grieve of Criton was a worthy winner of the pitch madness competition, winning the chance for a 5-minute pitch on her startup. The Criton platform allows hotels to develop their own app, helping hoteliers drive loyalty and revenue.

Augmented Reality

The above clip is from Michael C Cohen of UgoVirtual. He showed us how the future is here now, with an insight into how augmented reality can increase productivity and supplement our day to day lives. A perfect point for me was the recognition features that identified everyone you see, so you never forget someone’s name again!


As well as workshops and seminars, the HTNG European conference includes vendor exhibits. Here’s a handful of the stands in attendance this year:


No need to ask the obvious question here, as I’m going to tell you who Alice are!

Alice is a groundbreaking hotel operations platform that aims to bring once disparate systems together.

With a software as a service model, the modular system allows replacement of traditional hospitality systems with a single simple web and app-based interface. With API’s to many existing systems, no equipment on-site and a drive to help you improve guest satisfaction, they are shaking up the #hostech industry.

Messerschmitt Systems

Previously famous for different reasons, Messerschmitt systems (English translation “Mr Smith”) are an innovative room access and control company. Manufacturing door locks, heating controls, room automation controllers and interfaces all in Germany.

With multiple integration options, they can offer API based control, with traditional, quality wall controls.

Crave Interactive

Crave Interactive offer in-room tablets and applications that not only enhance a guest’s stay but reduce waste, have a positive environmental impact and help to drive revenue.

Through innovative options such as dynamic pricing, room service revenues can be increased by up to 60%. Ideal for any hotelier looking to increase secondary revenue streams.

Honourable Mentions

Ruckus Big Dog. Ruckus are leaders in WiFi for Hotel Technology and had a strong presence at HTNG.

Honourable mentions to all attendees including Commscope (Previously Ruckus/Arris/Broadcomm/Brocade), Thanks for the dog!

Vegan Sushi Rolls - Hotel technology at HTNG was very enjoyable!

Thanks to Anevia for the dinner at Nobu. Excellent food!

It was also great to catch up with or meet guys from Otrum, Vinn, GuestTek, Hoist, WiFirst, HFTP, Sertifi, 3cPayment, Veridicum, Marriott Hotels, Belmond Hotels and many others!

The standout had to be Alice. As described above, the joined-up approach to hotel operations and easy accessibility (and price point) is a real winner.

What’s Next?

This year’s show is over. Up next, HotelTCS will be attending HOSPACE, ISE Amsterdam, Hi-Tec Europe, HT-NEXT and Hi-Tec San Antonio in the coming months.

It looks like James will be clocking up the AirMiles. Drop us a message if you’d like to meet up, the coffees are on him!

More photos and comments are available on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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