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3rd February 2020

New, Relevant Experience Technology

Hotel elements - Technology and customer experience is at our fingertips

Do you want employees that strive towards new unique service excellence? Employees who drive your hotel brand upwards? Employees who create a valuable customer experience?

If your answer is YES, then continue reading.

This is a guest post by Are Morch – Hotel Marketing Coach. He covers topics concerning the customer journey and how to transform the digital customer experience for hotels.

Are Morch – Hotel Marketing Coach will take you and your team on a new journey shaping the future of your hotel.

Are you prepared to start transforming your hotel guests’ experience?

Value innovation and growth mindset

Customer experience graphic via artificial Intelligence in hotels

You are pretty much competing on the same essential factors as any other hotels around you.

Today we experience hotels that promote innovation for all actions. Changing the paint on the wall or a new chocolate on the pillow for turn-down service.

Hotels need to understand that today, travellers compare the hotel experience, with an awesome experience they had with any brand.

Simple effective solutions are still relevant in the right context. Innovation by itself in the right context will assist in service recovery.

Today with the advancement in new mobile technology and access to information, our traveler is seeking instant gratification. Instant gratification to enhance their experience, which they can share with their community.

Embrace the Customer Experience

This is why hotels today must embrace value innovation, and a growth mindset.

Value innovation supports new technology, tools and strategies. Techniques designed to achieve product differentiation and low cost. A growth mindset will drive motivation and achievement.

A culture built around value innovation is dynamic. Employees are motivated to try on new ideas on the fly. They will embrace their responsibilities and enjoy processes that add new unique values to service recovery.

Value innovation embraces a culture of honesty, transparency, humanness, authenticity, inspiration, and collaboration.

Through a growth mindset, hotel leadership enable employees to learn, ultimately achieving more together. Embrace the courage to allow employees to step out and do something even if they are scared.

Technology Ignites Front Line Performance

Woman swiping through pictures

Today we have a habit of emphasising the idea that new technology creates disruption among core market segments for hotels.

In reality, new technology has amplified instant awareness. Awareness for both relevant market segments and uncontested market segments.

Today we see new technology and experience offers that allow travellers to compress a task into a fraction of the time it would take previously.

It is important to understand that travellers today follow the path of the least resistance. A path with no wait and instant gratification.

Consequently, a side effect of this cultural shift is an attention span of no more than 8 seconds.

8 seconds to wow a potential guest.

So, our hotels must define new ways to empower their employees.

How can hotels stay relevant today?

We all have become part of the instant highway these days. A positive experience is an ultimate motivator and driver for sharing.

Smart hotels understand the value of empowering employees with new cost-effective technology.

Today the eco-system of the hotels is required to be proactive. Hotels need to know what the customer doesn’t know yet.

Turn your hotel’s front line performers into brand ambassadors with the knowledge and insight of a concierge.

Give them access to new technology. Technology that allows them to communicate with all departments and all guests. Use technology that gives them easy access to training programs and checklists.

New Insight on Customer experience

A team of people

Employees are the most valuable assets of any hotel. In an economy where there is a shortage of the right talent and the right skillset, hotels have to start thinking outside the box.

Empower employees with the right tools and ongoing training to gather valuable data and insight from your hotel guests.

Today technology will allow hotels to better understand every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Turn your hotel employees into brand ambassadors, helping them better identify sweet spots. Identifying where your goals, are aligned with the guest’s goals. This drives customer experience.

Hotels have a unique opportunity today to gather valuable insight into important touchpoints.

Providing employees with new technology and tools will position them to be more proactive. The result? A close relationship with your hotel’s guest recovery program.

Research tells us today that brands that embrace a culture which empowers the employee experience, see a positive impact on the customer experience. The result is certainly not a coincidence! The brand with highly engaged employees outperforms its competitors by a factor of 147%!

Deployment of new technology which embraces better communication will guide employees to perform to the best of their abilities. Helping them solve problems more efficiently, getting answers and responses, supporting the need for instant gratification.


Understanding the customer journey today implies that hotels need to understand the digital customer experience. However, more important than that, is understanding how to empower the employee experience.

Today hoteliers have to create a unique and dynamic experience, one that reflects the need for instant gratification.  

Is your hotel prepared to master the customer journey? Is your hotel ready to empower the employee experience? With some simple, easy wins you can drive the ultimate customer experience. The result? Your customer’s level of satisfaction is through the roof!


Are Morch your Hotel Marketing Coach and Customer Experience Expert specializes in creating effective digital customer experiences. Dedicated to helping hotels while growing and educating them on scaling customer acquisition and revenue.

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