Sharing The Knowledge – 5G in Hotels

A few weeks ago I began our knowledge sharing series with th fisrt four articles on Hotel TV. They can all be found here. They all talk about the succesful #LinkedInLive broadcast I did with FunnelTV. While the focus was guest room technology in 2020 we focussed almost totally on Hotel TV. The topic became so interesting and the excellent feedback from our viewers meant we stayed pretty much at the top of our agenda. What’s amazing, is we’ve got much more to say in the future.

This post moves on slightly, as directed by audience questions. In this post we look briefly at 5G in Hotels.

Network cable

The Fate of Hotel HSIA

Hotel High Speed Internet Access (HSIA). Seems a bit of an antiquated moniker, but that is the agreed standard term for Internet access as part of the ecosystem of hotel technology.