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Empower Your Hotel Employees – Customer Experience

New, Relevant Experience Technology Do you want employees that strive towards new unique service excellence? Employees who drive your hotel brand upwards? Employees who create a valuable customer experience? If your answer is YES, then continue reading. This is a guest post by Are Morch – Hotel Marketing Coach. He covers topics concerning the customer journey

Is Personalisation Dead in Hospitality?

If reports are to be believed, a personalised service in hotels could soon be the thing of the past, but is this the right direction of travel?

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Millennial Technology

We could just finish this post here with one word. That word being Avocado. There’s your answer. Except that’s not it. It’s that kind of lazy stereotyping that shows that X’s and Boomers have failed to get a true understanding of what makes a Millennial tick. This has given rise to the oft quoted phrase “OK Boomer”. As a proud member of the Millennial generation myself, I love Avocado’s, so maybe there is some truth in that stereotype.

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A Hotel is Just a Building

Just today someone suggested to me that I take some time to watch the below video. I was encouraged by someone who is very important to me, yet sometimes struggles to understand what I actually do (That would be hotel technology consulting by the way!).