Will Hotel Technology Ever Rule The World?

Will Hotel technology Ever Rule The World? An interesting topic that I came up with, most as a humorous, tongue in cheek look at an automated future in hotels. However, I first came up with the idea in December 2019, and planned to publish an article in March 2020. I don’t think I need to fill you in on the impact COVID19 has had on the world in that time, so of course I put this article on ice. Until now.

A Hotel room - Will this change with hotel technology and COVID19?

The Importance of Technology in Post COVID19 Hotel Operations

In a guest post by Frederic Van Lennep, Business Development Director MESA at IT Hospitality. In this post he gives his thoughts on Health and Safety, Technology, consumptions patterns and traveller expectation post COVID19.

Hotel Technology: The Answers

Anyone who follows my personal posts on LinkedIn will have recently seen me sharing a lot of truths. This is going to continue in a similar vein, albeit focussed on Hotel Technology. The truth is, as of early May 2020, we don’t have all the answers. We may have some, but not all of them.

I talked in March about Corona Virus not stopping hotel technology. While the premise of my article was about virtual conferences, seminars and talks, Hotels as we know them, and the technology in them are now stopped for sure.

Hotel Technology in 2020

Hotel Technology Trends 2020

Hotels are like Elephants When adopting hotel technology, the hospitality industry is like an elephant. Interestingly it also favoured elephants in its partners as well. Same as the animal, hotels preferred to spend time with those the same as them. A Hotel Technology & Travel Technology blog by HotelTCS. Every week we cover topics concerning Technology in