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Guest Room Technology in 2020

Throughout the UK we have amassed three quarters of a million volunteers into our health system, and I’m sure this is mirrored around the world. To those volunteers, along with our healthcare staff I am so grateful I cannot put it into words.

I am still working, even though a huge amount of my work is on hold. I do have a business to run though, which at this time prevents me from volunteering on a regular basis. That did get me thinking though, could I do more?

Hotel Technology Entertainment System

Hotel TV – Stop Paying & Start Growing

It’s easy in these times to make knee-jerk reactions, and sometimes, it really feels like they are the only ones you can make. Things are moving so quickly, that often there is very little choice in how we all react to situations.

Here’s one of the ideas that I had.

Augmented reality Overlays

Augmented Reality in Hotels

Virtual reality is something that has a very sci-fi feel to it. Certainly it conjures up images of groups of people wearing headsets. I’m not saying that’s not the case, however in recent years we have seen somewhat of a shift.

Corona Virus Won’t Stop Hotel Technology

As I sit here on March 1st 2020, writing this article, we are in the middle of a global pandemic. If you’re reading this shortly after I issued it, you’ll know that pandemic is the Corona Virus. If you’ve found this in an archive somewhere, years down the line, you either have much more insight than me at the time of writing, or have completely forgotten about this event. For the sake of humanity, let’s hope it’s the latter.

Designing a Hotel with Technology at its Heart

Throughout the last 10+ years there has been a new type of hotel emerge. A hotel that brings forward the idea of “Affordable Luxury”. In fact that very statement was coined by the innovative hotel chain CitizenM.

I don’t watch TV Channels Anymore

Future of TV Channels in Hotels In February 2020 I was invited to talk on a panel by Hospitality Technology Next Generation, at their Technology Summit held in Amsterdam. Sharing the stage with representatives from HTNG, Samsung & CNN was a real honour. As part of this panel, we touched on many subjects relating to

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Hotel TV Channels – Construction Series

Hotel Construction is something best left to the experts, and I am not one of them. However, this article will focus on the technology for a new build hotel. Specifically whether we need TV channels in this On Demand age!

Empower Your Hotel Employees – Customer Experience

New, Relevant Experience Technology Do you want employees that strive towards new unique service excellence? Employees who drive your hotel brand upwards? Employees who create a valuable customer experience? If your answer is YES, then continue reading. This is a guest post by Are Morch – Hotel Marketing Coach. He covers topics concerning the customer journey

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First Impressions Count?

You might be able to change one’s perception along the way (or the stay), but it does get much harder to change the game once you are already falling behind. I believe that most hoteliers are aware of this. And that’s why they put so much effort and attention to make the check-in process as smooth as it can be.

A person holding an A.I posits note. Artificial Intelligence is here.

Artificial Intelligence for Hotels

Sliding into this new decade a scary precedence is upon us. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and while the general public often exhibits confusion as to what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. I think there can be no confusion over what the latest announcement from AirBnB is all about.

Smart Hotels

Smart Hotels – The Fourth Industrial Revolution You could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve completely lost my track here. Normally I talk about smart hotels. Bear with me though. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. At the beginning of 2020, we stand on the precipice of a new era. An era dubbed the fourth

Is Personalisation Dead in Hospitality?

If reports are to be believed, a personalised service in hotels could soon be the thing of the past, but is this the right direction of travel?

Facebook Acquires Packagd

Facebook acquires Packagd – It’s 2020! Just like that 2019 is over! The news of the year, is still with us however. In this week’s FunnelTV live broadcast, of Digital with Simone Puorto we discussed the acquisition of Video Commerce startup Packagd.

Hotel Construction – Wireless

A Hotel Technology & Travel Technology blog by HotelTCS. Every week we cover topics concerning Technology in the Hospitality Industry. Looking at subjects such as IPTV, HSIA, WiFi, GPON and IoT, we give you the insider info on Smart Hotels and Intelligent Hotel Deployments. Subscribe below for updates! So You Are Building A Hotel – Now What? Previously we discussed how

Hotel Technology in 2020

Hotel Technology Trends 2020

Hotels are like Elephants When adopting hotel technology, the hospitality industry is like an elephant. Interestingly it also favoured elephants in its partners as well. Same as the animal, hotels preferred to spend time with those the same as them. A Hotel Technology & Travel Technology blog by HotelTCS. Every week we cover topics concerning Technology in

Hotel Tech – Today there is no blog

Famously on Friday April 18th 1930 a BBC news presenter announced “Good evening, today is Good Friday. There is no news”. This was in response to the BBC’s news department deciding that nothing newsworthy had happened that day. Slightly different than in modern times I expect. Although they didn’t have the thrilling topic of hotel tech to cover.

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Millennial Technology

We could just finish this post here with one word. That word being Avocado. There’s your answer. Except that’s not it. It’s that kind of lazy stereotyping that shows that X’s and Boomers have failed to get a true understanding of what makes a Millennial tick. This has given rise to the oft quoted phrase “OK Boomer”. As a proud member of the Millennial generation myself, I love Avocado’s, so maybe there is some truth in that stereotype.

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Intelligent Hotels

Intelligent hotels are part of the future, that is for sure.The Internet Of Things (IoT) is everywhere. And I mean everywhere.That’s everywhere in more ways than one. It’s the acronym on everyone’s lips, it’s at the forefront of peoples mind whenever they discuss a technology project.

HTNG European Conference

This November, Principal Consultant James Harrison attended the HTNG European Conference at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. He did travel by plane though, instead of in a White VW Beetle #53.

Network cable

The Fate of Hotel HSIA

Hotel High Speed Internet Access (HSIA). Seems a bit of an antiquated moniker, but that is the agreed standard term for Internet access as part of the ecosystem of hotel technology.

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A Hotel is Just a Building

Just today someone suggested to me that I take some time to watch the below video. I was encouraged by someone who is very important to me, yet sometimes struggles to understand what I actually do (That would be hotel technology consulting by the way!).

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Can Intelligent Hotels Find Their Voice?

At the time of my birth this, and the whole concept of intelligent hotels might seem like some kind of futuristic idea, but in 2019 Digital assistants are very much here.

Vendor selection

Hotel Technology Vendors – Who Are They?

Hotel Technology Vendor, Certified vendor, approved partner, listed supplier…. they go by many names. The industry is well populated with these players. All bidding for your attention, your time and most importantly, your money.

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IoT for Hotels

With the Internet of Things (IoT), 2019 has brought us a technology buzzword that doesn’t really make any sense.. Here, we take a look at what “things” are, and why we may or may not need them.