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Hotel Technology Consulting Services (HotelTCS) brings years of experience in technology solutions for the hospitality industry to your team.

With global coverage, HotelTCS can provide consultancy and on-site engineering resource to ensure that your hotel has the technology it deserves.

HotelTCS can help you avoid costly mistakes and determine the exact requirements, to ensure your guest has the technology experience they deserve.

With expertise in solutions covering IPTV, HSIA, Telephony and IoT, we can ensure you have the integrated solutions your guests will expect in the future.

Hotel Technology Consultancy

New build hotel technology consultancy. Providing end to end design and vendor management of HSIA, IPTV, VOIP, IoT and complimentary solutions for the Guestroom.

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On-site survey, equipment documentation and benchmarking, requirements gathering and testing.

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HotelTCS can help you understand what your guests want. Reduce unnecessary investments and impress your guests with the correct blend of technology.

Why Hotel Technology Consulting Services

Today’s Hotel operators and developers have a heavy workload. Offloading decisions regarding technology, reducing the need to interact with multiple vendors, and keeping budgets at an acceptable level, are all things which can make life easier.

Let HotelTCS manage these vendors for you, ensuring the solution is exactly what you need, no more, no less. The industry knowledge HotelTCS brings to your team ensures that budgets are managed and effective solutions are delivered.

Hotel Room Equipment - An example of Hotel Technology

The Latest Blog posts from HotelTCS

The latest blog posts from HotelTCS covering all topics around Hotel Technology. Here we share our experience and knowledge on subjects such as IPTV, WiFi, Voice, IoT and of course PMS. If you're interested in collaborating, have content you'd be interested or would like a contribution to your own blog, get in touch.

The Importance of Technology in Post COVID19 Hotel Operations

In a guest post by Frederic Van Lennep, Business Development Director MESA at IT Hospitality. In this post he gives his thoughts on Health and Safety, Technology, consumptions patterns and traveller expectation post COVID19.

Hotel Technology: The Answers

Anyone who follows my personal posts on LinkedIn will have recently seen me sharing a lot of truths. This is going to continue in a similar vein, albeit focussed on Hotel Technology. The truth is, as of early May 2020, we don’t have all the answers. We may have some, but not all of them.

I talked in March about Corona Virus not stopping hotel technology. While the premise of my article was about virtual conferences, seminars and talks, Hotels as we know them, and the technology in them are now stopped for sure.

Smartphone with Disney+ logo - A pioneer of unbundling and a thorn in the side of Netflix

Netflix in Hotels

“Netflix in hotels?” – Question number 1 in many years of designing TV systems. The drive has been lead by certain global chains, but smaller players wanted to match it as well.

Hotels have rushed to invest in Smart TV’s, support for OTT apps and content casting solutions, just so people can access their own content. The thing is when they say their own content, what they really mean is Netflix.

In 2020 though, I believe this is about to change.

What Is Hotel Technology?

You might think that technology in hotel rooms is simply about the number of TV stations available, the movies you can rent and the games that can be played. But trust us, it’s much more. You might see WiFi as something that’s just all around you, and assume that any new guestroom device can operate on its own.

Today’s guest is not as impressed with these ‘basic’ necessities and why should they be, they can access the latest films and games at the touch of a button at home. They want the latest in virtual assistants, IPTV tailored to their profile, the best WiFi possible, and an experience to blow them away. Only by offering this can hotels expect to see greater reviews and return rates.

Simply offering it all won’t work. You need the right combination for the right guests. That’s where we come in.

Using the latest in technology design we can find a solution to all your guest needs.

Technology Design You Can Count On

Let HotelTCS take the headache away when it comes to technology in your hotel or future project. Contact us to see how we can help you today.